Disney Princesses Reimagined As Shitty Drawings Remind Us That Everyone Is An Artist

You’re a millennial. You’re in your 20s. You’re finding yourself, and you’re starting to realize that you’re slowly dying and not as important as you thought you were. Suddenly, your barista job doesn’t feel so much like a stepping stone. You’re not on your way to realizing your full potential – serving coffee is your full potential – and you’re really a worthless human being.

Cue the existential crisis – or at least, that’s what you’ll call it. Really, it’s just a rude awakening. What is the point of living if it turns out you’re not special after all? What if you’re not an artist?

Haha, just kidding. We’re all artists! And here’s a collection of Disney Princesses as drawn by talentless millennials just like us. It’s a friendly reminder that we’re all artists, and it’s served up in a saccharine, nostalgic, and emotionally regressive package. Talent and ability is a construct. What’s important is the label.

John, 25

“I’m a bartender. My art is fucking girls.”


Stephanie, 27

“I love to create things. I’m really good at spreadsheets. One day I’m going to write a book.”


Rebecca, 22

“Music is like my life. I’m a very musical person, that’s something that’s unique about me. I can’t play an instrument but I like karaoke and it’s the only thing keeping me from killing myself.”


Roberto, 23

“I took graphic design classes in college and I really want to do something with that. Right now I ride a bike and use tinder.”


Michael, 26

“I work in finance and I like to think of it as an art because I’m creating wealth, despite the fact that my entire industry is devoid of empathy.”


Stephanie, 21

“I’m a really good writer. I did well in high school. I want to start a blog but I just hate sitting down and writing. I hate writing.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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