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Do you guys remember 2011? Remember the “Are Women Funny?” debate that existed solely in the heads of entertainment bloggers and the grave of Christopher Hitchens? Well, the jury is still out on funny women, apparently. I thought we all agreed that women are capable of humor, and I’m not sure who is arguing that they aren’t, but Huffington Post is still putting out lists of the best girl tweets of the week just to remind everyone that women are indeed funny.

Because, what better way to win an argument against a straw man than compiling a perfunctory list of “hilarious” tweets by women? If you really want to make your point, don’t even check to see if some of them are meant to be funny. Just go ahead and embed them and call it a day. Hey, we’re fixing comedy.

Not to be outdone, here’s Thought Catalog’s round up of the best girl-tweets this week. Make sure you follow all of these funny ladies.

HAHAHA. Peanut butter and wine? That’s not what adults do! Adults eat salad or something. Get out of here! Jeeze louise, sister you’re fucking slaying me!

L. M. A. O. Oh boy I can relate to this! I think we all can! That face when you have to wake up in the morning to go to a job but you don’t want to :(

Oh man, I’m crying! I know that feeling! Do I want lasagna? What am I Garfield? Do I want a sandwich? Make sure it’s not peanut butter and jelly, we’re adults now!

Poignant AND funny! It’s funny because she’s stressed out about work. Aren’t we all! I can’t stand working, which is why I blog.

Decisions decisions! I’ve been there! You have to paint the little pieces of bone that come out of the tips of your fingers, but you want to spend a little bit of time unconscious first so you can relax as you hurtle towards death.

Ahahaha! It’s funny when people don’t know things. It’s also funny when people eat snack food. I’m just an observer here but I feel like this tweet would have been just a little bit funnier if she made some mention of her adulthood or how depressed she is.

Now that’s a fucking tweet. It’s got everything. Depression? Right there with ya, pal. Oreos? I fucking love oreos almost as much as I love fucking science. Pure gold, I love it.

THIS! I also hate my friends and I’m sick and tired of them as well. We all know that feeling. You just want to hang out with people that are real, but instead you have to hang out with fake people. Laughing out loud indeed.

LOL. It’s fun to do jokes about how much you hate being alive. This is a joke right? I’m not even really sure anymore. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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