The 6 Most Hilarious April Fool’s Jokes For Girls


April Fool’s is one of the best days of the year. The media has programmed us to think that women aren’t funny, and that’s definitely not true. April Fool’s Day is the perfect way for girls to step up and show the world that we are most definitely funny, and we can prank and josh just as good as the boys.

Unfortunately, a lot of girls are at a loss when it comes to developing epic pranks for April Fool’s day. That’s why your pal Nicole has compiled this list of the best April Fool’s Day pranks for girls. Check ‘em out!

Tell Facebook You’re Pregnant

This one’s great. It’s pretty straight forward. Get on social media and craft a short, emotional post about how you found out that you’re pregnant and couldn’t be more excited. The support will flow in, and you’ll be surprised by how many of your friend’s don’t even think to look at the calendar! It’s super funny and the responses are always PRICELESS!

Tweet That You’re Having A Baby

LOOOOL. This one is sooo good. What you have to do is wait until everyone is checking social media at work. This is usually in between noon and three EST. Of course, you’re limited by the 140 character cut off, so try to do something short and sweet. Something creative like, “I’m having a baby!” or “I can’t believe it, I’m pregnant! J” and just watch how many of your friends fall for it. It’s so good.

Announce That You’re Expecting

Hahaha. This one cracks me up every time. It’s sooo good and sooo priceless. It’s literally the funniest thing in the world. What you do is start a rumor that you are in fact expecting. Just drop a couple of hints on your friends wall’s. The key here is subtlety – say things like “guess what, I’m pregnant! Hahaha.” You want them to ask for more information. Then be like, “hahaha I’m kidding you stupid bitch!”

Instagram A Pic Of Your “Baby Bump”

OMG. This one is so fucking clever I can’t even believe it. The trick to this one is that it involves pictures, and like, that makes it so much more convincing than just text. What you have to do is take a picture of yourself with like a little balloon or a water bladder under your shirt. This will make people think that you’re pregnant. You won’t believe how many people will like the picture and be so stupid to think that you’re having a baby. It’s literally the funniest thing ever.

Act Like You Got Knocked Up

Oh man. Your friends Just. Won’t. Even. With this one. What you have to do is say things like, “Should have used a condom, guess who is going to have to get an abbo!” They’ll all be like, “what, are you having a baby?!” and then you just don’t say anything. Wait until a good 20 comments or so come in and just be like, “April Fool’s haha.” Your friends won’t even see it coming and it’ll be soooo funny.

Actually Get Pregnant As A Joke

This one is some big league stuff but it’s really the best prank of them all. It takes about a month’s preparation so it’s kind of hard work. What you want to do is let a man cum inside your body. Don’t take the morning after pill and make sure you skip your birth control. A man’s cum contains sperm, which attach to the eggs inside of your pussy, and that’s how babies are made. Once your pussy is filled with jizz, rock on your back with your knees pulled to your chest to help the cum find its way to the eggs. With some luck, you’ll become pregnant. Then, when April Fool’s rolls around, you can tell everyone you’re pregnant, and the ones who DON’T think you’re pregnant will be the real fools. “Yeah right Nicole, sure, you’re pregnant on April 1st” Then you can show them pics of the pregnancy test and stuff, and then they’ll feel like idiots lol. You have to get an abortion afterwards though. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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