10 Easy Ways To Instantly Improve Your Mood

So you wake up feeling bleh…you’ve had a sucky night’s sleep, or maybe you’re just dreading yet another day in the office. Cheer up buttercup, I’ve composed a list of things to snap you outta that funk – well at least things that work for me:

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1. Add some sugar to your day

Now, before you get all bent out of shape, hear me out. Mary Poppins said a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, so of course it can help the aggravation subside.

2. Throw on some old music

Not necessarily looking for the oldies but goodies, but take it back to the 90s…Whoomp there it is! has brought me out of the lowest of moods.

3. Put a subliminal message out there.

If somebody pissed you off recently, tell them…take the passive-aggressive road for once. You got it off your chest and didn’t have to spazz out on anybody to do it.

4. Pull out those granny panties

Yep, sometimes the key to not walking around like there’s something stuck up your butt is to not have something stuck up your butt. Let your lady parts breathe for once.

5. Go back to your childhood

Want amusement in the office? Take all the staples out of the staplers in the office and just wait for it. Panic will set in and you will be the one to save them all – you with your plethora of staples.

6. Write it out

Sometimes the best stories come from feeling down; whether it’s your twisted dreams the night before that had you waking up this way or waking up to hearing someone complain about their lack of sleep from your “calling the hogs,” sometimes writing is the best escape.

7. Read Craigslist

If you think you’ve got it bad…just take a gander at some of the personal ads that are up there, specifically the missed connections. Enough said.

8. Find a new recipe

Spending the next part of your day trying to figure out where you might procure some powdered goat milk is a good way to distract you from your earlier woes plus you might end up with delicious soup at the end.

9. Get into conversations with strangers – (no, not the nut jobs on Craigslist)

When in the check out line for the items to make your delicious meal, ask your cashier to weigh out the pros and cons of paper and plastic before making your decision. Ask the person giving out samples in the store if they would like to sample your meal when you finish preparing it.

10. Burst into song in a crowded public place

Now with this one of two things will happen — either the crowd will join you in singing and it will be something from the greatest of movie clips, or they;ll just look at you and wonder what loony bin you escaped from.

Either way, embarrassment is better than just being bleh. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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