Here Are All The Things I Wish For You In 2020

I hope that this year you will let go of all the things that took a little bit of your spirit away. I hope that you will begin to do things that light fires in your soul and make you feel as though you’d rather be doing nothing else.

This year was filled with tears, heartbreak, and struggles, but a lot of learning. This year prepared you for the one to come and how filled with joyous moments it will be. I say this because for everything that happens to us, there is a natural balance, and if this year was a year of learning and struggle, there is no doubt next year will be full of gratitude and fulfillment.

I know this year was tough, but think of all of the great lessons learned and how much you’ve grown as a person since January 1. You are no longer the same person you were; now you are better prepared for tough times, you are more equipped with emotional resilience, and have mastered the ability to understand that we simply do not have to understand everything that happens to us, but we can accept them.

I hope you find the courage to let go of people who simply refuse to see your worth and all of the wonderful things that make you who you are. You’ve tried so hard to mold yourself into the version of yourself that others expected from you, the version of yourself that others projected onto you, every version of you except the person you are. I hope this year you will take off the different masks and finally let everyone see the version of you that you have been suppressing for years, and I hope that you find the courage to stand by it when it seems like no one will accept it. Understand that not everyone will be equipped to stand by you. If people cannot accept the real you, then I hope you find the means to set boundaries where you need them. To not let people take advantage of your kindness, your patience, or your vulnerability.

I hope you learn how to forgive. To forgive those who gave up on you no matter how hard It was to not give up on them. It isn’t their fault that they could not handle the ability to stand by you when you needed them the most. Others have their own things to work through, and they are struggling with their own demons. Please understand this has nothing to do with you. It had nothing to do with what you did or what you didn’t do but everything to do with them. They are not bad people, and they are not deserving of anger; the real you is forgiving and understanding, and don’t you dare believe that these are signs of naivety or weakness. These are superpowers that make you rare and your personality beautiful. These are traits that shine light on those who are walking in darkness. I hope you find the courage to share your light.

I hope this new decade will bring you all of the things that are deserving of you. I hope this decade brings you closer to people who never gave up on you, no matter how much you unwillingly pushed them away. I hope you find your purpose and do more of the things that make you feel truly happy. I hope you find the love you’ve been so patiently waiting for, the kind you’ve been trying to find in people who just could not give it to you.

Above all, I hope you find the courage to be yourself. To be all the things you’ve been suppressing for so many years, to set boundaries and stick to them, and to let go.

This year, I hope you don’t settle for anything less. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

You will never be lovelier than you are now.

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