For A Brief Moment

And for just a few brief moments in time,

My world came down around me,

It was hard to breath, hard to trust, hard to imagine anything being the same again;

I pushed you so far away to protect my world from completely crumbling around me.

You showed up to let me know I wasn’t alone, you held me close in your arms, showed me compassion with a rose,

You even stopped by for a kiss or just called on the phone,

You wanted to make sure I was alright, make sure I knew you would always be right there by my side.

You opened up your home, but not just your physical home, the home you had made for me in the deepest crevices of your heart,

And for a brief period in time, just when I thought there was no one to save me;

You suited up; in your dark jeans and your white shirt, layered your leather jacket over you shoulders–

My hero not a minute too late, not one minute over.

My wish to you as we say goodbye and go our separate ways is this-

When you least think so, always know, that somewhere out there,

No matter how far we stray from one another, or however this road goes,

You were once the hero in someone’s love story.

No matter how many times you become a villain, lashed out in anger,

Lose yourself in the beautiful chaos that is life,

I hope you remember this-

I’ll never forget the moments of pure bliss,

For those brief moments, when you thought you had no idea what to do and felt hopeless on where to begin,

It was you who came to my rescue.

Whether our paths cross again, down the street and up the road ahead;

I won’t forget you and I’ll be seeing you,

On the other side of the bright avenue.

About the author

Nicole Melina

You will never be lovelier than you are now.