Please, Someone Tell Me

Tell me not to assume the worst. Tell me to give them the benefit of the doubt, although their body says it all. Tell me they’re on a diet, a diet where they don’t sleep, don’t eat and they become the worst version of themselves. Tell me that’s possible. Tell me anything but the truth, I can’t bare the thought. Tell me, how do I do it?

Tell me, do the eyes you stare upon look similar to those of a strangers? Does your heart break seeing them from time to time only to discover they look worse than the time before? Tell me, is it dark in between their sunk in eyes. Tell me those scratches on their face are from playing with a dog and not from the invisible bugs crawling on their skin. Tell me, did everyday phone calls turn into once in a blue moon? Did your love deteriorate for them as fast as they withered away or does it make you want to love them more?

Please, I’m begging you, tell me this is as hard as it gets. Tell me they won’t die. Tell me my ears were clogged, I didn’t hear those words they said correctly. It couldn’t have been, it can’t be true. Tell me the person I love is coming back and they’re not to a point of no return. Tell me they won’t forget about me or the memories we shared, tell me that will be enough for them to make their way back and out of the depths of despair. Tell me it’ll be okay.

Tell me that their face will fill out and their smile I loved so much will return. Tell me that I will be able to laugh with them again and I won’t have to hear of things that make me scared for their life. Tell me, how do you fix someone who is so broken? How do you love someone broken? I’ve tried a million ways but I can’t seem to figure it out, not enough for it to mean anything. Tell me that there is hope. Tell me I can visit them without the fear of the unknown.

Tell me how to love them without anger following after. Tell me how to live with something that it eating away at them from the inside out. Tell me, who is this person standing in front of me, when all I see is darkness and a empty soul. Tell me that they are in there somewhere. Please someone tell me, someone tell me they are coming back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Find something you love, and hold on to it.

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