Even If You’re An Ex, You Can Be Friends With My Boyfriend

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What is up with the stigma these days? That ex-girlfriends can’t be friends with past boyfriends. Granted, I know that sometimes it doesn’t always end in a pleasant way. But, I refuse to let my boyfriend be limited to friends due to his past relations with them. He is a great friend, he is indeed my best friend. I would be selfish to not let him share his friendship with others.

He has the kindest heart of anyone I know, always to help others. His advice stems from the 80-year-old man that lives inside of him. He is always honest and will tell you the truth even if it’s painful. I’m sure you remember. If you were apart of his life, please don’t let me stop you from continuing that friendship with him. I know where his love lies, I know that it is with me. Believe me when I say I won’t be intimidated by your friendship I just can’t promise that I won’t get jealous seeing your name pop up on his phone, but I promise to be understanding of his relationship with you.

You can never have enough friends in the world. It makes the hard times a little easier. Friends help you find the good in the bad and nearly always bring out the very best sides of you. I want him to be happy and fulfilled in his life, I don’t want to be cutting out succeeding friendships in fear of losing him to one of you or any other girl that chooses to be his friend. I can’t dictate his choices, but I can love him well enough and treat him as he should to ensure he never strays far from me. To ensure our love stays strong. Regardless of what is to come. Because life throws curve balls all of the time.

I have to warn you though, he’s changed. His voice is so soothing, his words wrap around you like a warm blanket on a cold winter night, and he has this way with making you feel like nothing else in the world matters. That isn’t him trying to put moves on you, not at all. It’s just who he is. So if you don’t think you can withstand not falling in love with him again, please don’t be his friend. He’s broke my heart before, believe me when I say it can destroy you. So, just choose wisely. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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