6 Reasons Why People With Anxiety Will Be The Best Friends You Ever Have

Friends holding hands by railroad track
Priscilla Du Preez

1. They understand your silence.

Because sometimes, all we need is someone who can sit with us in silence. Sometimes, we just want to feel less lonely.

They are good at sitting in silence. You can call them at 3 am and say ‘Hey I need to talk but I don’t know what to say.’ And they will still listen to you. They are good at listening to silence. They can wait hours for you to craft a word.  

They will listen to your silence as long as it takes. They will be there until you say goodnight and if you don’t, I promise you that you will wake up to their voice saying good morning because they don’t hang up without making sure you’re alright.

2. They take it seriously when you say you’re not okay.

Because honestly, not everyone cries when they are breaking down. Some people say it with a smile on their face.

They always believe you when you say you’re not okay. You can tell them over a cup of coffee. You can tell them when you’re on a swing. You can tell them anytime, regardless of the situation, and I promise you they will always, always believe you.

3. They are loyal.

“I mean it when I say I will walk you all the way home from school. Heck, if we get tired we’ll take a cab but I will walk you home and I won’t complain.”

Because they understand what it feels like to be ditched, pushed aside, and left out. They are the ones who have been through nights staring into space with no clue on who to call. They are the ones who have it tougher to get out of bed in the morning and even tougher to call it a night.

They will always have your back whenever you need them. They will never give up on you regardless of the mess you’re in. They may have their insecurities, but when you make friends with them, you’ll be fiercely protected. They will fight for you, they will guard your well-being much more than they guard their own, and they will always put you first.

4. They are always prepared for the worst.

A mind that overthinks is blessed with the power to notice everything and their punishment is that they feel everything much more than anyone else.

They are programmed in a way where they are so used to observing, listening, and judging that rarely does anything get past them. Which is why they can list several reasons on why your man cheated on you, or why your best friend isn’t talking to you.

They see everything; they understand everything. And when you ask, they will always have an answer.

5. They know how to be there for you.

The best friendship in the world is when you have someone who not only wants to be there for you, but is there is a way where it is comfortable for you.

They know if you need them to bring a pillow over to crash and they know when you need some time alone. You see, people with anxiety don’t always understand their own feelings, but they will always understand yours.

They won’t get mad if you say you need time away from them; heck, they will let you go ahead, but only if they think you’ll be alright. Don’t be surprised when they show up on your doorstep after you’ve lied about being okay.  

6. They won’t give up on you.

“I will be there even when you’ve given up on yourself.”

And I mean it. Even when you isolate yourself, even when you build brick walls; being the fighter that they are, they will gladly battle through all your obstacles in order to reach out to you.

Why? Because they don’t want you to feel alone. They’ve had people giving up on them halfway through their fight and they don’t want you to go through the things that they went through. So talk to them. Tell them you’ve given up and they will give you ten reasons why you’re not done with life.

They will be that one annoying friend you’ll remember for the rest of your life. They are usually the kind of friend who walks into your life when you are at your bleakest. They are the kind who doesn’t need any permission to be your friend. And they are also the kind you take for granted the most.

But I promise you this. They will be one of the best friends you’ll ever have and if you ever let them go, I promise you that you will never find someone like them again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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