Here’s What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Birth Month

Tanja Heffner


You are the stubborn girlfriend. Headstrong and strong willed; you attract a lot of attention from people both positively and negatively. Being the ambitious girl you are, you’re great at motivating your man, but it also means you don’t take it easy when your partner tries to advise you. You tend to be organized and neat, which makes it a big no-no when your partner moves your belongings. 


You are the catch-me-if-you-can girlfriend. An adventurous dreamer with a knack for exploring, you’re always on the run, even when you aren’t traveling. You drag your man to cafes, shopping, movies; you’re not the kind of girl that plays by the rules. You really test your partner by keeping him on his toes all the time. Slow down girl, your man needs a rest!


You are the affectionate girlfriend. Generous and trustworthy, you are sensitive to your partner’s feelings. Although you seem reserved and quiet from the outside, you demand a lot of attention from your man. You don’t compare, but you know how you want your man to treat you. However, when you are in love, your man becomes so important to you it often causes you to make decisions blindly.


You are the independent girlfriend. Friendly and intelligent, you’re also brutally honest towards your partner. You’re very selective when it comes to relationships. You don’t like rushing, as you tend to choose your partner carefully. It takes a lot of time for you to trust your partner enough to let him in on your private matters, but when you do, he couldn’t be luckier than this.


You are the unpredictable girlfriend. Expressive and indecisive, you change your plans all the time. You tend to look for someone who can inspire you and bring out the creative side of you. Your strong psychic sense and inquisitive nature make it hard for your partner to come up with surprises. Not only that, you get irritated when your partner keeps secrets, as you always want to be included.


You are the romantic girlfriend. Loving and affectionate, you are the kind of girl who makes your partner feel loved at all times. You get jealous easily and tend to get attached in relationships, which is why you hurt most when it ends. Your attachment also makes it hard for you to let go of a failed relationship, as you tend to compare your new lover to an old one.


You are the secretive girlfriend. A careful and sensitive soul, you tend to mask your feelings from your partner when you are upset in order to avoid conflict. You always forgive your partner but you rarely forget. Often, the mistakes he makes will be locked away in the back of your mind forever. The purpose isn’t to use them against him in the future, but to remind yourself to be cautious in your relationship.


You are the funny girlfriend. Outspoken and observant, your renowned humor makes you easily noticeable in the crowd. You are good around people, but the confident you is often clumsy, childish, and protective in a relationship. You are egoistic but you have a big heart and you would lay down your ego in the face of the one you are in love with. In short, being loved by you is a privilege.     


You are the perfectionist girlfriend. Detailed and loyal, your organized lifestyle is reflected in your relationship choice. You have high standards for your man. You seek commitment and maturity. You are the kind of girl who guides and grooms your man, steering him to the right path. When it comes to marriage, no one is more ready to say ‘I do’ than you are.  


You are the optimistic girlfriend. Lovable and peaceful, you try to avoid conflicts as much as you can. Your positive outlook on life is a huge advantage, as you always look on the bright side during difficulties in your relationship. You are opinionated and not easily influenced. In fact, you are one of the rare gems who is always yourself around your partner.


You are the steady girlfriend. Unwavering and firm, you have a unique way in expressing your thoughts. Your mind works faster than your tongue and you can understand your partner easily. You know what to say or do to make him happy. You also know how to fight and use words that will hurt the most. Your man will never be bored around you, as you always have new things to say.


You are the active girlfriend. Fun and free-spirited, you don’t like things to be constant all the time, which is why you can easily get bored in a relationship. You are also silently competitive with your partner. Typical December babies like you adore competing and challenging their partners, but they are also impatient, which is why they don’t keep their spirit long enough to see the results. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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