5 Annoying Questions You Will Absolutely Be Asked When You First Go Vegan

The 5 Annoying Questions You Will Be Absolutely Asked When You First Go Vegan
Bryan Burgos

Foodie fads may come and go, but it’s beginning to seem that veganism may be more than just a fleeting trend.

Every day, more and more celebrities, professional athletes, and prominent health professionals are backing the movement. Netflix documentary What The Health? amassed unprecedented viewership. Vegan restaurants, cafes, and food delivery services are popping up around the world (and they sell more than sticks, grass and sand).

Not long ago, veganism was a word associated with outlandish hippie ideals, exclusive to a cult-like conglomerate of people. Today, you can probably name at least one vegan in your family or close circle of friends who recently hopped on the bandwagon and swear they’re never looking back.

While the idea of cutting out all forms of animal-derived products from your diet seems like an insurmountable feat in itself, often the hardest part of going vegan is explaining your new lifestyle choice to those around you. Faced with a barrage of questions, your normal brunch outings with the girls may never be the same again. The key to maintaining the peace is responding to their skepticism with eloquence and intelligence, while keeping your real (often snarky) comments to yourself. Here’s five questions you should be prepared to answer over, and over, and over again once you declare yourself ~plant-based.~

1. “Why did you go vegan?”

What you should say: It’s been scientifically proven that abiding by a plant-based diet dramatically affects the environment, your personal health, and the wellbeing of all animals. It’s an ethical and compassionate way of life that doesn’t weigh heavy on my conscience.

What you want to say: Read a book, watch a documentary, do something useful with your time besides mindlessly eating what’s in front of you and complaining that I’m no fun to go out to eat with anymore.

2. “So, what do you eat?”

What you should say: I maintain a diet with a balanced ratio of healthy carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. I essentially eat everything that you would, with the exception of animal-based foods like meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy products.

What you want to say: Pretty much anything that you would, except all the dead animal carcasses and nipple liquid-derived products that are filled with hormones, antibiotics, fillers, and other junk I can’t pronounce.

3. “Where do you get your protein?”

What you should say: The vegan friendly foods highest in lean protein include tofu, tempeh, nuts and nut butters, hemp seeds, flax seeds, beans, lentils, and leafy greens, to name a few. It’s really not difficult to adequately meet my recommended daily intake of protein.

What you want to say: My protein > your protein…and no animals were harmed in the process.

4. “Are you hungry all the time?”

What you should say: No. So long as I eat wholesome meals and small snacks in between that are high in nutrients and fiber, I feel satisfied all day long.

What you want to say: No, but if I do ever feel hungry I’ll just do what humans were intended to do when their bodies crave food…eat it.

5. “How long is this going to last?”

What you should say: So far, I’ve really been enjoying this lifestyle and all the positive effects it’s had on my body and overall outlook on life. I intend to keep this up as long as possible, unless there ever comes a time when I begin to feel any negative health consequences.

What you want to say: Probably longer than your next fling who you’ve already dubbed “the one.” Anyone want to place their bets? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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