25 Thoughts You Have While Waiting For A Boy To Text You Back


1. “Was that smiley face too much?”

2. “Oh my god, why did I text him first?”

3. “That was a horrible decision.”

4. “It’s been 12 whole minutes now.”

5. “He always has his phone on him.”

6. “Alright, what could he be doing that would distract him from his phone?”

7. “He could be in the shower.”

8. “It’s been 16 minutes now, how long does it take for him to shower!”

9. “Maybe he’s sleeping.”

10. “He’s obviously not sleeping, it’s 10:24.”

11. “Oh god, that means it’s been 21 minutes now. He’s obviously ignoring me.”

12. “Maybe he’s trying to make it seem like he’s really busy, like he has things to do.”

13. “Does he have plants? Maybe he’s busy watering his plants.”

14. “Why would he be watering his plants at 10:29?”

15. “Oh my god, it’s been 26 minutes. It’s over. He hates me.”

16. “I bet he has a cactus. A cactus wouldn’t even need to be watered.”

17. “I would have watered his cactus for him.”

18. “Should I text him again? Should I ask about his plants?”

19. “That’s it. It’s been 33 minutes. He must hate me. I can’t believe he hates me.”

20. “I am never texting a boy first ever again.”

21. “I wonder if this stress is making my arteries close up.”

22. “If I get heart disease, it’s going to be all his fault.”

23. “I can’t believe he gave me heart disease.”

24. “He probably hates me because of that smiley face.”

25. “I should have sent a cactus emoji.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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