27 Tiny Self-Reminders I Hope I Always Remember In Times Of Doubt

Caleb Frith
Caleb Frith

Congratulations! You are here. And for some reason, while you were writing this you were doubting if you’d ever know what here was. But I have news for you, you made it despite your best efforts to not.

First off let’s have you start off by saying thank you. Thank you to all the people who got you here. Your family, friends, your peers, professors, your dog (cat, gerbil, etc.), your doctors, Captain Morgan, beautiful Mother Nature on the Starbucks cups. Also, thank all those who doubted you. That advisor who thought your thesis was a waste of time. That family member who no longer talks to you because your field of work isn’t accreted enough, or because your Facebook posts are not up to Aunt Phyllis’ or Uncle Bob’s standards.

Last but not least, your friends who no longer are in your life. Whether it be fall out or just time taking its toll, it’s okay. That chapter of your life has been closed, and annotated many times. Wish them well because you are here. And when you forgot you made it, here are some tips that will always be handy in present or future day:

1. you can always change no to yes/ yes to no

2. love so hard it hurts, only in a good way though

3. try to drive with the windows down and music blasting. there is no feeling like the wind in your hair

4. love is blind and deaf. don’t question it. don’t label it.

5. don’t over-analyze. don’t overthink. if it feels right, then do it.

6. comparing yourself to others is never a good idea under no circumstance

7. always try to be the best version of yourself. you don’t have to wait until New Years to remake yourself.

8. kiss until you run out of breath and turn blue. come up for air and do it over again.

9. If you deleted them from your life, delete them from your phone. trust me.

10. don’t drown yourself in school and work. remember there are beautiful things and people in the world go see them, or grab coffee or a nap with one.

11. don’t talk about other people in bed, don’t sleep with new people in an old bed or a bed that has no sheets (metaphorically)

12. if/when someone you love (or yourself) unzips their veins to make sense of things or pain. hold them. the pain will never make sense but you will.

13. all things are difficult before they are easy

14. carry a lighter with you, it’s an open doorway to friendships

15. always ask people how they are

16. take pictures. of yourself. of people/places you love. there is only one of you and so many moments you have with people and places.

17. unless they are awful people, try to stay in touch with your parents

18. nobody really knows anybody at all. some secrecy is attractive

19. respect everybody

20. be kind, aggressive, loud but silent when needed

21. embrace change like messy hair. change is the only thing you can ever count on

22. pizza is always a good idea. so is coffee.

23. most of the time, your bed isn’t for sleeping or sex. it’s serious bonding territory

24. write it down. even if it’s at four am, especially if it’s four am

25. don’t be offended by drunk texts. be flattered, drunk words are sober thoughts

26. self-love is very difficult. don’t give up, eventually you will love yourself & everything about you

27. most importantly be your own friend. root for yourself every once and a while. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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