10 Things My Heart Is Dying To Say

1. This last New Year was the best one I’ve ever had. I don’t know if it was the way your lips burned into mine or if it was the shirt you were wearing, but damn, that night I think I fell in love with you

2. I could sit and watch you make music for hours. Nothing in this world is greater than watching you progress at what you love, even if that means regressing from me.

3. Your flaws are perfection. They’re the tiny things that make you, you. And I could sit and drown in them all day.

4. Get over your commitment issues. You are falling for me, it’s time to notice that and take action before it’s too late.

5. Your long hair, wear it up more. It’s so damn sexy.

6. Did you know that the biggest coward of a man is awakening a women’s love with no intention to love her?

7. You hardly have bad days, but I do. And I wish you were there when those days happen. Your presence would make a bad day into the best, but you don’t know the difference between my sad days and my happy ones and that in itself makes me sad.

8. I care about you so much. I care so much it causes anxiety. You cause my anxiety. Hell, you are every inch of my worry, ever spec of my doubt, every ache in my heart. And I will wear this uneasiness until I collapse.

9. I wish I could be your favorite. I wish you would wake up in the morning and think of me. Oh how I wish I were your muse. A girl can dream.

10. Loving you is like swimming against a current. Exhausting. Brutal. I’m just hoping that somehow, between the gasps for air and the aching muscles, you’ll see I’m about to drown and come save me from this vast current I’m getting lost in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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