To The Girls With Big Dreams

They will tell you all the reasons why it won’t work out, they will attempt to influence your mindset from believing in success, and they will try and try again to break down the spirit that encouraged you to chase it in the first place. But they’re referring to their own experiences. They chased after the wind but never ended up flying; they dreamt of the life they imagined but never manifested it enough to become a reality. And when they came across setbacks, they always gave up.

This may be evidence of dreams let down, but there are also bright stars who have made it. Who have achieved the impossible, overcame the inevitable, and persevered through the worst of adversities. So why can’t that be you? Why can’t you work your way up to be the CEO of the company you’ve dreamt of working for? Why can’t the book you’re bound to write be a New York Times Best Seller? And why not believe that you’re meant to sell out Madison Square Garden one day?

I hope you learn the value of believing in yourself. That needing the approval of others is the surest way to true failure. You are the only valid decision needed in order to make your dreams come true. Your direction is determined by your attitude, your attitude is based on your mindset, and your mindset comes from what you believe about yourself. So fill your mind with the most beautiful things about you, fill it with the joy that came from the pain, fill it with the laughter from overcoming your sadness, and fill it with all the moments you’ve gained strength from what you thought were weaknesses.

I hope you shoot for the moon so you may land amongst the stars, but I also hope you stop and smell the roses before getting there. I hope you know you only achieve what you work hard for, that dreaming is only half the work you put into it. You are as capable and worthy as anyone else who is chasing the same things you are. Believe in yourself like you never have and believe in the abilities you possess, the skills you’ve gained, and all the battles you’ve won.

This is the truest path to success.

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