You Are Just As Important As The Person You’re With

I hope you know that your journey to self-love does not end when you enter a relationship. I hope you have the courage to continue pursuing what makes you come alive. Whether it’s a stable job that puts food on the table or a career that has the power to influence and aid individuals for the better. I hope you continue to lead your life through inspiration and growth, blissful solitude, and an unlimited source of unconditional love wherever you turn.

I hope you continue to spend time with your friends and family. I hope you continue to value them, cherish the moments you spend together and love them as much as you love him. Please don’t stop seeing your friends on weekends or Friday nights. Don’t ditch family functions just to spend more time with him for the 7th day in a row. I’m not trying to cause confusion onto what it means to have a relationship, but I’m simply elaborating on the fact that you and your significant other are not required to be attached to the hip just because you’re together.

I know you’re supposed to love him with all your heart. But please, never leave yourself out of that love either. You are as valuable, as important, and as worthy as the person you are with. Your relationship can’t function properly without your strengths, it can’t solve its problems without your intelligence, and it can’t forgive the very worst without your heart. I hope you know that being a good girlfriend does not mean you devote everything you are just to keep him happy, and it does not mean giving up the things that make you happy to be considered as the ideal partner to be with.

There is a reason why building self-love, while you were single, was so important. It was the ideal place where you had enough space to reconnect with your thoughts without judgment or fear. It was where you could be the most vulnerable, where you could cry until you fell asleep without anyone questioning why you weren’t your “strong self” today. And lastly, it was where you developed the purest and authentic love you would ever posses without waiting for a man’s approval if it was the right or the wrong thing to do.

I pray you continue to lead this type of love inside you, so when that day comes when he forgets to tell you how beautiful you looked at the party after hours of getting ready, you simply won’t mind that he did, because you’ll already know that you are worth more than a compliment that’s focused on what most can only see on the outside. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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