To The Man Who Taught Me To Always Reach For The Stars

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You are the foundation of my motivated spirit, the mental coach who constantly tells me to get back up one more time, and the very first entity of unconditional love.

You and I didn’t always have the best relationship. But in the end, you were always there. We don’t agree on everything, but you never hesitate to help me when I need it the most. You have become my very best friend throughout my adult years, and I can’t thank you enough for every lesson you’ve taught me.

Each and every one of my achievements are all because of you, because you have made me such strong woman. You are responsible for part of the inner strength I have, the logic that saves me from any situation, and the relentless determination to finish everything I start. You are the reason why the flame in my eyes burns a little brighter, the reason I will forever reach for the stars, and why I will never permanently end up resenting you when you have your bad days.

You’ve made me into a woman who is the perfect mix of tough and graceful. You taught me how to throw my first punch when I was seven, how to defend myself in fight at ten, to always be aware of my surroundings when I’m in public, but to also to believe that in every ten unpleasant individuals, there will always be that one good person.

Thank you for always reminding me of the value in the simple things. You’ve taught me to bask in the benefits of walking through the park on beautiful spring days, the sound of birds outside my window on an early summer morning, and simply being satisfied with another person’s presence on the days I need it the most.

You hold the truest influence within my fighting spirit when the going gets tough, the epitome of the fire inside my belly, and the reason why I will never settle for less than the life I’ve always dreamed of.

Thank you, Dad. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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