To The Girl Who’s Forgotten The Very Best Parts Of Her

Pietra Schwarzler / Unsplash

I hope you remember the times when you’ve made someone’s day just by a smile or simply acknowledging their presence. I hope you don’t forget how important and valued you made them feel for that split second. I hope you can recall the time when you absolutely did everything in your power to help someone you barely knew get to their destination just by telling them the correct route to take.

I hope you never lose sight of the fact that you are and always will be the beacon of light shining through the darkness for all who are near you. I hope you always see how I see you; someone who exuberates love wherever she goes. Stop being so hard on yourself- for once, please. I want you to know how you’ve made my life better than it’s ever been. A life I used to take for granted but now cherish every single moment I spend with you.

Thank you for being the friend I’ve never had, where I constantly find myself grateful for the way you see beyond my every flaw that usually drive even the best ones in the opposite direction when it comes to the commitment aspect of my life. I hope you never forget how strong and how beautiful of a woman you have developed into. Even on the days you feel like the world’s got this imaginary vendetta against you, that is when you have to keep reminding yourself that sometimes the thoughts in your head consistently telling you all the reasons you can’t; were usually never valid to begin with.

I hope you remind yourself how much of an inspiration you are; not just to me, but to everyone else leading the same story as you. I need you to believe in the love, kindness, drive, and wisdom you have the fullest capabilities to offer the world. I need you to always remember who you are. I need you to remind yourself how many lives you have literally influenced because you exist. How many women you’ve inspired to stand up for themselves because it’s the right thing to do, how many girls you’ve impacted every time you let them know that their voice matters too; I hope you love you who are because these are all the reasons why I love you. TC mark

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