These Are The 4 Things You Absolutely Need To Have To Get The Job Of Your Dreams

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Oh, the dream job. One of the many terms highly associated in our everyday young adolescent lives. I don’t know about you, but before I received the position I have now, I always felt like time was running out for me to get my life in order. So I’ve decided to write something to help the rest of you get the job of your dreams in the most practical/outrageously hopeful way possible.

1. A Mindset Where Failure Isn’t Even An Option

I believe everything that’s recognized as a success or an achievement begins from a mindset where the idea of failure is completely foreign. It’s where all you can envision all the outcomes of the good it may result to. Sure, you’re aware of failure, but you pay no attention to it because the possibility of triumph is more appealing than the reality of failure.

2. Mental Maintenance

Remember this, your mind constantly needs to be clear. Feeling stressed? Lay down and listen to music, read a book, think of something to look forward to. Feeling overwhelmed? Pause and stop what you’re doing, give yourself permission to breathe and regroup because you’re no use to anyone or anything if you can’t think straight. Success is a state of mind, the process to your dream job is a state of mind; take care of it.

3. Realistic Hope

This is a beautiful merge between practical and positive thinking. I believe this is one of the most powerful beliefs anyone can have as it exemplifies the concept of hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. It tells an individual that they have every right to be excited that of even being considered for the position and even being more hopeful that they might receive the offer. But they also know to be aware that they aren’t exactly the only person up for consideration. They know there’s a slight chance they might not get the job. Realistic hope is something that encourages us never to give up because most of the unfortunate events that happen in our lives don’t happen to us by chance, but on purpose; for a reason.

4. Realizing That Passion Leads to Level of Work Ethic

If you’re career oriented as I am, we both know there is no way any of us succeed if you pretend to like the supposed field you’re in. You HAVE to be passionate about something revolving the areas of your field because at the end of the day it determines how hard you’re going to work for it. If you’re passionate about helping people, the level of difficulty in the work in the medicinal field will literally seem numb to you, because you might actually be enjoying it. You’ll be so focused on the work that you won’t mind how many trial and errors you’d have to do over continuously.

If you think about it, the steps to success are pretty simple; with enough patience. But like I always tell myself, it is all about the little things that usually progress into something bigger.

So never count them out, because it might lead you to something better than you’ve imagined. TC mark

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