This Is How My Interracial Relationship Deals With Racism

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I am of Asian descent and my boyfriend is Caucasian. For the most part of our relationship, we always viewed each other simply as people. We were always aware of the differences of our physical traits and even how we were raised too, but that never created any type of barricade when it came to our connection or even solving the problems couples face to overcome.

My boyfriend and I were celebrating our 10 months together. We went to a baseball game and that was where I unfortunately got stared down because I didn’t look like anybody else there. We were sitting in the middle and one of the ladies beside us kept looking in my direction. I just got back from the bathroom and I was on the way back to my seat. While I was fixing myself up before I got settled in, I noticed the woman wouldn’t take her eyes off of me. It made me nervous because she was watching everything I did. I admit this particular event did make me upset, it made me think how there are still individuals out there who don’t embrace the concept of simply getting along with one another and how the fear of changing for the better will always be nonexistent to their perceptions.

My relationship may look different from the outside but what I’ve learned and what I’ve loved from this moment in my life is the fact that I truly believe that we are all literally the same on the inside. It does sound cheesy, but I am serious. This relationship has taught me the core needs and wants of humanity as a whole. It’s taught me that we all have emotions of love, fear, anger, and joy combined, and that’s all okay because that’s what makes us human. That your culture has definitely created who you are, but it cannot define who you want to be.

Racism is something that has always been here. I define it as a term for people who prioritize assumption rather than digging deeper. Mixed relationships understand how the focus of togetherness through differences in physicality was never a question to begin with.

Because if you think about it, EVERY relationship has its differences. So why should race be the deal breaker? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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