This Is What You Need To Know About The Girl Who Everyone Thinks Is Perfect

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You probably didn’t know that she’s been heartbroken enough times for her spirit to break towards the possibility of ever finding love again. You probably didn’t know that she’s suffered from social anxiety because at times she’d rather please people than herself. You probably didn’t know the list of insecurities she has of her physical appearance but hides it with body positive statements to say to herself but rarely believes it.

You probably didn’t know that she’s survived it all because she’s a fighter.

Sometimes she smiles to hide the things that stress her out or that have been on her mind for a while, but most of the time to prove that even with the simplest smile given while nothing but chaos is happening is proof that no problem this world has can’t be fixed without optimism. Sometimes she just wants to be alone because she gets overwhelmed by the demanding pace of this world’s expectations, but most of the time she just wants to reach out to the ones who can relate and help get them through the things she’s had a hard time getting through herself.

She’s earned everything she has worked hard for. Her work ethic is founded on a background where nothing worthwhile was easily handed to her. She understands the importance not taking anything for granted. She is intelligent beyond words but she knew it always came with a price where it would test the strength of her mental health. For the most part, she’s as positive as can be but she’s just like the rest of us when her bad days affect the health of her thoughts, but that’s also when she fights back the most.

The state of her mental health is her most precious jewel. She treasures it as much as she treasures herself because it wasn’t until a few years ago she realized how toxic the state of her thoughts was and ever since those days she’s vowed to herself never to let anything like that happen again. She is the ideal role model girls of the next generation should look up to because although she has many scars, she still continues to do whatever she pleases despite them.

She is a beautiful girl because she is as attractive on the inside as she is on the outside. She is the complete package of what an exceptional woman is made of.

She knows how to transform her hell into heaven and has the ability to endure her deepest pain and never lose faith in the belief that things always get better if you just let it be.

You probably aren’t aware how many times she’s had to sacrifice her own time for the people she loves. You probably didn’t know that she’d sometimes give up her sleep just to get her exercise for the day because that is how she gives her all into living a healthier lifestyle. This woman is the ideal example of what it takes to earn the title of perfection because, for something to become perfect, it first has to be imperfect. [tc-mark

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