This Is How God Timed My Relationship Perfectly

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When I was single, I remember my friends and family constantly telling me to be patient because all good things came in God’s timing. They told me the classic, “You’ll meet someone eventually.” Don’t get me wrong, it was always nice to hear those words but that feeling didn’t last long as I’d always feel lonely in the end. When it came to my emotional track record to the single life I once led, I was a hot mess. Some days would be decent where I would be okay being alone and other days wouldn’t be as good as you’d find me just sobbing over the smallest things via emotional triggers caused by finding random wedding videos on YouTube or lines from an article on relationships that just got to me. I did not know how to control my emotions let alone have enough patience to rest with the fact that I could actually meet someone right around the corner. I couldn’t take it anymore, all the rejection, the misunderstandings, and the confusion. I wanted to get away from everything that broke my heart, like moving to another country and starting fresh there type of getaway.

I met my boyfriend last year; I met him somewhere I thought was the last place I’d ever meet somebody decent to be with. He was a musician as well. He was cute, polite, knew how to talk to a lady, and had a great sense of humor. During the beginning stages of our relationship, I always doubted him. It was hard for me to believe anything he said nice about me because the first two weeks I thought he just saw me as another girl to hook up with. Little did I know that this boy was the one that God has been reserving for me all these years. I was in denial at first but then I began seeing it in how he cared for my family, how patient he was with me, and how much he sacrifices just for the sake of being with me for the day.

I waited five years to have a relationship with somebody like him, someone who knew exactly how to treat a woman with the right amount of unconditional love and respect but also someone who knew how to stay true to who they were. It took a lot of breaking it off with guys who I just got tired of wanting attention from, dates where I always felt like something was missing, and a rollercoaster of emotions I never thought would end.

A couple of months ago, my boyfriend and I were discussing something over dinner and he said he wishes he met me earlier than planned because we got along so well and he didn’t really mind the things I thought would have turned him off by now. I disagreed and said he wouldn’t have been attracted or had even gotten along with me as much if we met at an earlier time. I was younger, less aware, half the time rude, immature, secretly lost and angry all the time. I was a different person. That was when I realized God literally times everything perfectly.

I remember feeling so much peace after having paused mid-conversation because we may think we’re ready for the things we want to happen in our lives right now but we also may not know if the situation itself is ready for us. God times everything in our lives just right to make us see how it all actually works out in the end. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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