This Is How You Let Love Find You

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Andrew Shiau

One of the biggest things I’ve learned now that I’m in a relationship myself is the fact that I shouldn’t have been looking for the type of love I have right now in my life because it does just find you.

You need to have your own life before you can meet someone who’s willing to be in a happy and healthy relationship with you. It should be vibrant, lively, outgoing, peaceful, calm, serene, dominating, and healthy. You will be alone most of the time but why not have fun and do things that make you happy while you’re at it?

The male population finds it incredibly sexy when they come across a woman who works hard for the things she wants, a woman who stands up for herself, who likes a challenge, a woman who knows exactly what she’s worth and will not settle for anything less. The tough girl with a heart of gold, the sweetheart that can take herself by herself, the fighter who cares more than you know, and the tease who will not let you touch her just because you called her cute.

Stop constantly checking your Tinder for new messages and thinking that those guys are automatically in love with you because they said “hey.” Don’t get me wrong, they messaged you because they are interested, but you never know what they’re interested in. Hope but don’t expect or you’re always going to be disappointed.

I know all you want happening right now is someone to make you feel better when you’re sad, someone to tell you how much they love you to make your bad days disappear, to hold you and make you laugh. You want someone to make you feel loved. Believe me, I’ve been there. The trick is to stop thinking about it. Stop thinking every guy you come across is the one you’re meant to be with, stop taking hours getting ready just to impress that one guy you’ve been into for the past month. Do as you please girlfriend. Prioritize yourself because this is YOUR life.

Travel the world or road trip somewhere you’ve never been before, go to a museum or a concert with your girls or by yourself even, plant something worth looking at, cook something great, or even work hard towards the career you want. Take charge because you have to make yourself happy first before you can make someone else as happy.

This is for the single girl who feels lonely and who gets uncomfortably jealous when you see happy couples in public. The guy that’s meant to love all of you does exist. He’s probably as lost as you are and needs some improvement too and maybe that’s why you guys haven’t met yet. You probably won’t meet him next week or maybe even in the next two years, the only thing that matters is that you WILL meet him in a matter of time because your name is written all over him, he just doesn’t know it yet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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