Call Me Crazy, But I Want A Man To Love Me Like Jesus Does

We’re all seeking love. We have always been. We try to find it wherever we go. In that boy you thought was cute, in between the aisles of your local supermarket, on the Internet, as we swipe left, left, left, left (in hopes we’ll swipe right one day).

Today, we want so much more than what people used to long for, and we want it at a much faster speed.

We all long for something in our hearts, and we will always want more than what we already have. We give out hearts to people who don’t care, convincing our hearts that they’re simply playing “hard to get.” We continually tell ourselves that with time, things will work out (when in all honesty we know it probably will not).

We admire and aspire to have the lives of couples from what we see through the heavily filtered Instagram photos, to see these couples as role models, as our inspiration and #goals. We want relationships that are pretty enough for social media. We want relationships that make us feel like we’re important, to feel like this love has been validated by the whole world.

Call me crazy but I don’t want any of this. I don’t want to have something so fleeting, something so transient, and something so temporal.

I want a love like Jesus’s.

I don’t want one-night stands and casual dates, I don’t want something flaky that’s ever changing with our emotions. I want a love that’s unwavering, a love that stands the test of time. Something sturdy, something I can depend on, an anchor for my heart.

I want a love that holds me close even when I’m pushing it away, a love that never forsakes me, no matter the number of times I’ve failed. A love that has seen all my dark and ugly corners, knows me inside out, but still loves me all the same.

I want a love like Jesus’s.

I want a love I can be confident about and boast proudly of. To never feel like I don’t matter, to never ever have a trace of doubt between the two of us. A love that reminds me when I’m at my darkest that “I’m here for you.” Even when I’ve forgotten or lost sight of the things around me, I want a love that can hold me together and get me through, even when I think I can’t.

I want a love that opens my mind and heart, to teach me in turn how to love. A love that nurtures and helps me grows in grace, to build me to a better person day after day.

I want a love like Jesus’s.

A love that lasts forever, a love beyond human comprehension that I know I actually never deserved. A love as compassionate as Jesus, to see me in my times of need and to always provide for me over exceedingly.

That’s the kind of love I want to have.

We’re looking all over for love. We all crave it so desperately. But maybe, we’ve all been looking for love at all the wrong places. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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