Let’s Remember The Ones Who Stay

People are constantly shifting and growing, sometimes together and sometimes apart.

Each individual is a tangled collection of their own triumphs and heartbreaks, while the universe a summation of all these intertwining stories converging to create life-long narratives. Like a basket full of yarn, these individual stories easily become knotted along the way, making it difficult to untangle and return the balls of yarn to their original state. Some knots can become a permanent, while the rest easily slip away.

The universe is a ball of yarn and its strings are our stories.

Some people only come into our lives to fulfill one purpose. They may not linger or may not remain tangled within us, but instead slip away when this purpose is completed. We cannot blame the universe for sending us temporary people, for they still have a part in guiding us towards the end of our strings. Some come into our lives just to teach us small yet still important lessons, like our ABC’s or 123’s, or bigger ones, like how to embrace change and push ourselves beyond our comfort zones, or perhaps, even how to love ourselves. Each lesson will either nurture our growth or test our character, but both will ultimately strengthen the foundations of who we are.

Although not everyone will become a permanent fixture in our lives, or may even leave a painful kind of knot within us, that does not mean that our lives will unravel when they are gone. What lies beyond the empty space where their presence once was is a long and winding road stretching as far as the eye can see. There is still so much ahead of us, and the people that truly matter are the ones who will remain steadfastly and lovingly knotted in our lives no matter how hard we try to remove them.

So before we curse the universe for sending people who easily untangled themselves from our stories and left for good, let us remember the people who stayed. Let us remember the ones whose resounding impact on us left a permanent mark, leaving us without a drop of uncertainty that they will ever slip away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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