12 Reasons Why Dating Makes You A Better Person


You get to see many Oscar-worthy films in the setting they are supposed to be viewed in.

Or be forced to broaden your horizons after your date forces you to see “American Reunion” because “American Pie” defined his childhood.

You learn an appreciation for money.

Flowers: $15. New (Clean) Clothes: $40. Dinner: $60. “I think we’re better off as friends”: Priceless.

You respect the Walgreen’s cashiers working the 2am shift more.

They don’t even look phased.

You learn your hand-holding preferences.

Over, under, fingers interlaced, or just no handholding because you have a personal space/sweaty palms thing.

You know thirty different variations on “dinner and a movie.”

Picnic and an outdoor play. Cheeseburgers and a drive-in. Take-out and Netflix. Etc.

You do things for the first time.

“I totally go to art museums during my spare time too!”

You do things you have always wanted to do, but that require two people, for the first time.

It takes two to tango is not just an idiom, it is a reality for those who want to take a tango class.

You get to reveal your athletic/unathletic side.

Rock-climbing is actually really hard.

You learn to laugh more.

Sometimes your date has you in stitches all night; sometimes, your date believes himself to be a pun-master.

You learn to love comfortable silences.

Sometimes, there really isn’t anything better than being able to just sit with another person.

You learn how to make excellent small talk.

Sometimes, when the weather is just “nice,” you have to pepper a conversation with novel questions. Some of my favorites are: Would you rather be Sasha or Malia? What is your favorite dog/Wes Anderson movie? These subtly test your date’s knowledge of politics/familial relations and if they are a cool person (i.e. dog person) or have good taste in movies (which is important, see #1).

You may fall in love.

Not all dates even lead to “like.” Nevertheless, within every date there is potential. Now, whether it is a potential great meal, great movie, great experience, or great love, that is circumstantial. Yet maybe it’s just me, but I relish in the possibilities. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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