Date A Girl Who Loves An Adventure


Date a girl who loves an adventure because she knows how to live her life. She understands that you only get one chance, one opportunity to make the best of it, and so she takes it and lives it to the fullest. Granted, she can sometimes feel a little lost, a little overwhelmed, a little confused, lack direction, and not know what to do, but such qualms do not hold up the girl who loves an adventure because she understands that it is a normal part of life. So instead, she sees trying to figure out the next step in her life as her next adventure. And hopefully, you will be there for her holding her hand supportively. Hold her hand to show you care and that you’re proud; don’t hold her hand to hold her back.

Date a girl who loves an adventure because she loves the rush and risk. She is the kind of girl who likes to live on the edge. She loves to push her boundaries and the limits not out of disrespect, callousness, or carelessness but because she wants to know her limits, she wants to learn how far she can go without losing herself, she wants to step out of her comfort zone, and she wants to understand how to be both proud of and accountable for her actions. And hopefully, you will be there to join her in taking these risks, if not be next to her as she takes the next leap of faith, the next death-defying jump (okay maybe not literally but still be there for her).

Date a girl who loves an adventure because she will always be curious. She will not take anything at face value. She will question, she will wonder, she will ponder. She will question the world, she will question herself, she will question you. She will wonder about serious things: about the meaning of life, about her purpose in the world. And she will wonder less serious things that you always wondered but never thought to ask. She will wonder why the ocean is blue. She will wonder how the stars shine so bright when they’re many millions of light-years away. She will wonder what it is to exist in the afterlife- if there is an afterlife, if there is heaven or hell, or if it is all a social and cultural construct. She will wonder about the soul and the spirit. And hopefully, you will tell her that a spirit and soul like hers can never die, that it will live on existing amongst the stars, the sun, and the moon, always searching, always exploring, always adventuring. 

Date a girl who loves an adventure because she is an optimist in its truest and purest form. She will see the good in people you would have realistically thought otherwise. She will bask in the sunlight and dance in the rain- nothing, not even Mother Nature can slow her down or stop her. Even on her worst days- when she oversleeps, is late for work, spills her coffee on her way out, and has a horrible day- she will take it with a grain of salt. She will smile and not in the superficial plastic way, but smile brightly, sincerely, and purposely because she knows it’s a bad day not a bad life. She is not easily weighed down when things don’t go her way. She smiles because she believes that the universe will always balance itself, that when bad things happen good follows, that every thunderstorm or shower of rain is followed by a rainbow. And hopefully, you will be influenced by her optimistic personality; you will see the good and the potential for good everywhere. Though you will claim to be a pessimist or in gentler terms, a realist, you will slowly but surely start to see the world differently. Your coffee will no longer be scalding hot but rather heated with extra attention. Your running late to work will no longer be the worst thing possible but rather an everyday part of life. You will start to understand that things happen that are beyond your control, and you will learn to be okay with that.

Date a girl who loves an adventure because she enjoys and is open to trying new things. She is the kind of girl who would go travel to some country and try some of the strange delicacies with weird textures and less than appetizing smells and put on a brave face as she tries to swallow it. She is the kind of girl who doesn’t know how to cook anything that doesn’t come out of a box but is willing to learn so she signs up for a 15 week cooking class at the community college. She will try fencing, fishing, knitting, karate, pottery making, pet sitting, etc. And though she will possibly hate them all, she will wake up tomorrow wanting to try something else because she recognizes that you never know until you try, you never know what you’re capable of until you give it your best shot, and you never know who you are until you give it your time and best effort to understand. She will keep trying things as she keeps trying to find herself and understand who she is because that’s the way she knows best. And hopefully, you’ll learn something too.

Date a girl who loves an adventure because she makes friends easy. There’s nothing that like a good story about how you walked across the Great Wall of China at night with the light of a million stars or a hilarious one about how you caught your phone after dropping it whilst out of a plane to go skydiving to break the ice. Granted, I don’t even know someone with a story like that. But nonetheless, date a girl who loves an adventure because she is friendly. Her personality is magnetic, she draws people in with her warmth, and keeps them hooked in with her sunny disposition, her laidback attitude, and sense of humor. She will dazzle the crowds not only because of her amazing once-in-a-lifetime-it-would-only-happen-to-her stories but also because of who she is and what she represents: excitement, vivacity, passion, life, and dare I say it, adventure. She will break the hearts of those who cannot join her or pursue the same life as her, yet, simultaneously, she will inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to chase their dreams and live their lives to the fullest. And hopefully, you’ll be present there both in her stories and at her side because there’s never a dull moment to be expected.

Lastly, date a girl who loves an adventure because she knows in her heart and mind that being with you is an adventure. She understands that you’re not perfect but neither is she and that the two of you can be two halves of an imperfect heart- it isn’t exactly shaped right or symmetrically, but it works just the same. She understands that there are things you will strongly believe in that she doesn’t and vice versa, and it will be alright because she believes that together you can try to understand each other. She understands that both of you aren’t going to get along all the time, that there will be days when you’re screaming at the top of your lungs and are at each other’s throats over what you will later realize was nothing or stupid. Sometimes it will be disagreements over serious issues like family, friends, work, and life in general, but she understands that it is a challenge to be with someone and a challenge to learn how to forgive and how to be forgiven. The girl who loves an adventure also understands that you have a past that she wasn’t part of and that she has a past that you weren’t in, yet, this information doesn’t change the way she feels about you; she believes that the past helps make who you are in the present but that it doesn’t define you. Thus, she will tell you time and time again when you claim that you weren’t always the man she now knows that the past is in the past and that you aren’t worthy of her love, that it is the present with you that she lives for and a future with you that she dreams of. 

This girl will be your biggest cheerleader, your number one fan, your confidante, your teammate, your best friend, your lover, and she will be by your side through your greatest sorrows and greatest triumphs. And hopefully, you will let her in. Hopefully you will recognize the adventure in falling in love with this kind of girl. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. So will you take it? Will you take the risk, the leap of faith, and trust with your heart that this has the potential to be one of your greatest adventures? Or will you let it pass; let it slip through your fingers? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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