We Need To Learn To Just Say ‘Thank You’

Matthew Henry
Matthew Henry

A few days ago I was in the car with a few friends, and we were having a conversation about life and faith. We talked about many things, but one of the topics that generated a lot of discussion was the act of receiving.

We all agreed it was hard for us to accept help or to receive compliments from others. Perhaps, it was because we feared we would look weak. I demonstrated this in the car that day. My friend gave me money for gas and I immediately pushed it away and told her it wasn’t necessary. I didn’t need her money. She told me she knew I didn’t need the money, but she wanted to give it to me and told me to just accept it with gratitude.

I remember a few months ago, I had changed the colour of my hair. One of my friends noticed and complimented it. Rather than saying thank you, I made a joke about how messy it looked (which it did). A few minutes later, I wondered why I didn’t just say thank you. Why I had a hard time just accepting the compliment.

When I give someone something whether it’s a gift or a compliment, I do it because I want to. I want to make them happy and it makes me feel good to do those things. I have to recognize that other people feel the same way. When my friend gave me the money for gas she did it because she wanted to. When another friend complimented my hair, she did it because she wanted to. It made them feel good to do these things.

It’s a work in progress, but I am learning the act of receiving and learning to be grateful and just to say Thank You. Just a simple thank you. [tc-mark

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