Harvard Student Discovers How to 3D Print Makeup (And It’s Magical!)


In a world that already has so many choices, we are beginning to become closer to having many, many more thanks to 3D printing. I’ve already had my “Holy shit is this real!?” moment in regards to 3D printing after my friend told me he could 3D print me custom knobs for a midi-controller. I’m kind of reliving that moment of excitement again after hearing the news that Harvard student Grace Choi just discovered a way to 3D print make-up.

The printer, called “Mink” works exactly the same way as a printer does, but instead of printing ink onto paper, it prints make-up of any color imaginable into little make-up containers. You can literally “grab” the hex code from any color you see while perusing the Internet and create a custom lip-shade, foundation, concealer, or eye shadow (etc.).

Choi is planning on selling the unit itself for only $300. The price for “printing materials” is yet to be determined, however. I could go on and on about this thing, but it’s probably just best to peep the video and wait patiently until a pre-order (hopefully) becomes available. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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