7 Reasons Why Millennials Should Not Reproduce (Yet)

Girls: Season 2
Girls: Season 2
The term millennials, I know, it makes us cringe, but it’s an easier label than “current 20-somethings.” I am sure some of you could make great parents, but in my humble opinion, I would hold off just yet. Here are some reasons why…

1. The economy and job market suck.

Chances are if you have a job, you are probably not making very much to support a child, let alone yourself, unless you are in a very specialized in-demand field, like engineering or IT, in which case you probably are not reading Thought Catalog. Even if you do have a job, there is no guarantee you will have it forever, so beware taking on a giant expense like another human being.

2. Love?

Are you sure you could spend the rest of your entire life with the person you are currently with? If so, good for you, but if there is even a shimmer of doubt, consider the idea of chartering your kid(s) back and forth between their parents’ homes… forever.

3. Um, you’re in your 20’s.

The fact so many people on my Facebook feed are popping out babies is hard for me to wrap my head around. You’ll never be this young again. You have your whole life to reproduce, why start now?

4. Debt.

Maybe this one should be higher up on the list. Student loan debt is now higher than ever. If you have student loans debt or credit card debt, you should probably start paying it off before you start paying for diapers (those things are expensive!)

5. Overpopulation and the fear of what is to come.

According to current data, 317.7 million people live in the United States. A baby is born every eight seconds and people are living longer. There are hundreds of people battling for just one job and the cost of everyday items, such as milk, is constantly rising. Homelessness and poverty also continues to rise. Think of current post-graduate life and the difficulties it entails? When you were born your parents or guardians assumed attending college would set you up for life, but that’s no longer the case. It could get worse, or better, but the thing is that you just don’t know. Are you ready to bring another life into this world and subject that life to the uncertainty of the future?

6. You can’t wake up any earlier than you already do.

Enough said.

7. Dream.

It may sound lame, but a lot of parents have little time for their own dreams or goals when a child comes into the picture. All of their time becomes devoted to raising their child or children and sometimes their own aspirations are pushed aside, sometimes forever. Unless you’re willing to give up on those things, you should probably attempt to reach some of your goals before thinking about having children. TC Mark

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