We Owe It To Ourselves To Remember How To Have Patience

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Kaci Baum

We live in a fast paced world. Everything is in constant motion, and everything is changing.

We live in a world where people get frustrated if something takes longer than a minute to load.

It’s as if patience is an art form that is slowly being forgotten.

Yes, it’s convenient to have everything at your fingertips. To have things almost instantly, but you’ll miss out on so much if you just don’t stop and enjoy what this moment has to offer.

Being patient doesn’t necessarily mean being tolerant in a situation. I see it as a journey, something you can learn from, something you can accept.

With being patient so many other things can fall into place. Everything will happen naturally. It isn’t always a waiting game, you don’t have to be waiting for something to be patient. You’re just letting everything take its course. Not expecting, not looking much into the future, but just being present. Taking in what your surroundings have to offer. Letting yourself feel things, experience, and grow as a human.

I understand it’s important to get things done, and in time they will get done. You’ll make it happen.

I understand how love is vital, and eventually it’ll find you. It’ll be beautiful and real.

We are all just people trying to live, might as well enjoy these moments that compose our lives. Have these fragments in time to remember, to look back on, knowing that you hadn’t missed anything and you don’t regret anything. If you rush to the end then you’ll miss all the juicy stuff in the middle. The main point in the story. The building and cute-awkward stuff in a relationship. Gaining experience to do what you want to do. Missing out because you were too busy in a time that hasn’t existed yet.

The importance of patience is that you’re letting yourself breathe. You’re taking it in as it comes. You’re letting it go when you’re ready.

The importance of patience is that you’re on an adventure that is uniquely your own. Everything is happening for a reason.

The importance of patience is that you won’t have to find true happiness.

It’s already with you.

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