Watch This: 9 Inspiring And Unexpected Life Lessons From The Best Graduation Speech Ever

If you’re wondering (while watching this video) whether Tim Minchin does this sort of thing for a living, he does. Michin is a performer, comedian, public speaker, educator and freelance provocateur who is known for giving speeches that push our buttons and speak to important truths about who we are. This is, by far, one of his best, a speech that makes you feel everything from slight anger to awe at the power of his simple words.

If you’re going to pull the “Too Long; Didn’t Listen,” Minchin lays out nine easy rules for living your life, but not always the advice you expected to hear during one of these things. He tells us:

1. You don’t have to have a dream.

2. Don’t seek happiness.

3. Remember: It’s all luck.

4. Exercise.

5. Be hard on your opinions.

6. Be a teacher. Please.

7. Define yourself by what you love.

8. Respect people with less power than you.

9. Don’t rush.

However, if you take anything away from this speech, which you can watch below, let it be this: It’s an incredibly exciting thing, this one meaningless life of yours. Good luck. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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