35 Awesome Workout Songs To Help You Go That Extra Mile

31. “Master of My Craft” by Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts’ new album is this year’s answer to Tame Impala, at times psychedelic but others oddly sinister, with a Lou Reed undertone that gives the pop an unexpected dark side.

32. “We Found Love” by Rihanna

If I were honest, I could put this song 35 times, the perfect track when you’re trying to hit your zone on the treadmill, finding that space to let your mind coast.

33. “Reflektor” by Arcade Fire

The first track off Arcade Fire’s new album shows them blazing unexpected trails with LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy as their producer, a great mashup of their respective styles that just so happens to feature David Bowie.

34. “Entertainment” by Phoenix

“Entertainment” sounds exactly like a Phoenix song, the best possible praise from a band who knows what they excel at and delivers the poppy goods.

35. “Set Adrift on a Memory Bliss” by PM Dawn

PM Dawn’s 1991 track is the ideal come-down song at the gym, when you’re just winding your run, a song just as catchy as it is ungodly sexy. This is baby-making music to put you at ease.

Bonus Tracks: “Sacrilege” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey

Most of the seminal band’s new album was a rare misfire, but this “Gimme Shelter”-esque jam stands as one of their finest, great company for your walk home. It’s a long walk home, Lana will help keep you warm.

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