13 Modern Horror Movies That Give The Genre A Good Name

8. Splice

Splice earned a rare D Cinemascore when it debuted in theatres. A Cinemascore that low isn’t reserved for “bad” movies (even Jack and Jill got a B+) but films that push our buttons — and might piss us off a little. The brilliance of Splice is that it’s a genuinely uncomfortable, cringe-worthy experience, a movie that burns itself onto your brain. I initially hated Splice for making me not be able to unsee its gruesome imagery, but when you get over your resentment, Vincenzo Natali’s sci-fi horror film insinuates itself as a minor classic. This is the kind of movie that stares back at you when you watch it. In Splice, two scientists experiment with blending human and animal DNA, creating something that’s not quite human in the process. Splice asks grave questions about the morality of science, as the plot spirals downward into an unrelenting hell. This is a film in which there are no happy endings.


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