13 Modern Horror Movies That Give The Genre A Good Name

3. You’re Next

West also lent his acting talents to this 2013 South by Southwest favorite, one of the most purely entertaining horror movies in years. Directed by Simon Barrett — a compatriot of Joe Swanberg, who also appears in the film – You’re Next is like Home Alone meets Reservoir Dogs. The Purge and The Strangers got to the home-invasion thriller first, but this did it better. Barrett succeeds by focusing both on thrilling use of gore and the small details that stick with you, like animal masks that will haunt you in your dreams forever. But on top of being effectively jumpy, You’re Next is also unexpectedly witty, a tongue-in-cheek horror film refreshingly aware of itself. At a time when too many horror films take themselves deadly seriously, we need to remember to have a little fun with our bloodshed.


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