13 Modern Horror Movies That Give The Genre A Good Name

2. The House of the Devil

Directed by The Innkeepers’ Ti West, The House of the Devil does modern Wes Craven better than the master still can. A throwback to the director’s The Last House on the Left and The Hills Have Eyes and other 70s fare like The Little Girl Who Lives down the lane, West blends modern mumblecore with vintage horror. The movie is pure old-school throwback, requiring a great deal of patience as the movie reaches its explosive finish. While we wait for the blood, however, the movie has many of its own pleasures, showcasing a great before-she-was-famous turn from Greta Gerwig, the indie It Girl du jour. West fills the screen with Gerwig’s effortlessly fizzy charisma, a reminder that actors aren’t just meat for murder. For death to have power, the movie must first be filled with life.


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