13 Modern Horror Movies That Give The Genre A Good Name

10. Paranormal Activity

Remember what fun the original was until they couldn’t stop remaking it? We’ve now seen the same movie four times, but the first time around Paranormal Activity felt like a wake-up call, a reminder of everything that horror could be. The film featured almost no blood and little of the ultra-violence we’ve become accustomed to in modern horror. Instead Oren Peli’s found footage classic relies pure on long takes and unbearable suspense. Like in Antonioni’s Blow Up, Peli forces the audience to actively watch the screen, searching for traces of the terror to come. This is the hurry up and wait of death, where silence and stillness become the film’s most terrifying tools. The film’s minimalism strips horror to its rawest materials, reminding us why we watch scary movies to begin with.


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