13 Modern Horror Movies That Give The Genre A Good Name

In today’s movie market, great horror movies can be hard to find. But fear not, dear readers, they do exist! For instance, if you live in a city that’s playing We Are Who We Are, you can check out that this weekend instead of the tepid Carrie remake. If you’re a fan of the genre, you can do better than The Devil Inside and whatever version of Paranormal Activity is being dumped into theaters. There is hope.

Presented in no particular order, here are 13 movies released in the last decade that do horror right.

1. Drag Me to Hell


From Sam Raimi, Drag Me to Hell is one of my favorite horror movies ever made, an endlessly inventive fusion of a thriller and a live-action cartoon. Drag Me to Hell recalls the Looney Tunes in the best way, all eye-bugging, anvil-pummeling B-movie glory. Like The Evil Dead on a sugar high, Drag Me to Hell finds Raimi at the peak of his powers, unleashing everything in his brain. The plot is silly, as Allison Lohman gets chased down by a “gypsy” she denied a bank loan, but Raimi’s revenge thriller doesn’t apologize for it. Parts of the movie are cringe-worthy with Raimi’s trademark gore, but the movie is better at being funny than scary. Like Scream, Slither and Fright Night before it, this isn’t a criticism but another reason to love it – a movie firing on just about every cylinder it’s got. Sam Raimi holds nothing back, not even a ruler.