11 Screwed-Up Messages From Disney Movies We Learned As Kids

8. Peter Pan

If you’ve ever wondered how Native Americans came to exist, look no further than Peter Pan for the 411. According to the red-as-a-fire-truck tribal leaders in the film, the “injun” turned scarlet from kissing girls. They blushed and then never went back to their old pigment. This argues that “white” is the standard pigment from which their genetics deviate, because science, because white is the benchmark of all things.

On top of that, the Native Americans are all portrayed as jovially sexist, and while hanging out with them, Peter and the Lost Boys all become like them, making stereotypical Indian sounds. That is, except for Wendy, who is forced to work instead of having fun. Such is the woman’s burden in Disney.

Takeaway: The entire course of evolution can be changed by sexual embarrassment. Did someone inform Darwin of this?


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