Worst Customer Ever: Instead Of Tip, Waitress Gets Message Reading “None, N*gger”

There’s a special place in hell for people who don’t tip, but one Red Lobster customer deserves an even more special place. Instead of getting money for services provided while serving her table, Tennessee waitress Toni Jenkins got a different present: racism. On her receipt, the customers left a message on the Tip and Total lines: “None, N*gger.”

Jenkins posted it to her Facebook page, where the note quickly went viral. While some are questioning its validity, just because the whole thing is so over-the-top shitty, this incident is yet another sad stark reminder of the everyday realities of race in society today. If Oprah can’t even escape racism, we’re all screwed.

Here’s a copy of the bill. May the customer start warming his buns now. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Via The New Civil Rights Movement
Via The New Civil Rights Movement

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