Joseph Gordon-Levitt Knows You Think About Him When You Get Off — And He’s Cool With It

This week, Joseph Gordon-Levitt appeared on Stephen Colbert to discuss Don Jon and our culture of pornography, and if you haven’t seen it, the whole thing is utterly delightful — especially when “Jordan Gavin Lewitt” explains what satire is to Colbert, just in case he doesn’t know. It’s also an interesting discussion of the ways that porn constructs our fantasies and educates desire.

Don Jon posits that porn is for men what romantic comedies are for women, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt knows that women have their own porn. It’s called Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and he’s porn for everyone. After Stephen Colbert claims that he “wouldn’t know” about pornography, the funny man then jokes, “Pornography masturbates to me.” Gordon-Levitt then interrupts him: “People masturbate to me!”

After that statement, there’s an awkward silence in the audience as people take in what he just said — and then hooting and applause. Because they know he’s right. They all just masturbated to him this morning. You can find the clip below, but if you want your JGL spank bank material, you can find that everywhere. The world is his sexual oyster.

You can watch the full video here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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