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41 Signs You’re Still Obsessed With Gilmore Girls

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1. You can quote the entire show in your sleep — and probably do. You’ve been known to reference GG without even realizing that was a Gilmore Girls quote.

2. You know who Zoltan Kemeny and Xuxa are now, because you looked them up.

3. You have considered naming a child after one of the main characters.

Gilmore Girls/Amazon
Gilmore Girls/Amazon

4. You brag about loving Melissa McCarthy before it was cool.

5. You really wanted to go to Yale, because Rory went to Yale.

6. You know what “Copper boom!” and “Oy, with the poodles already!” mean.

Gilmore Girls/Amazon
Gilmore Girls/Amazon

7. You’ve taken an online personality quiz to find out which character you are, but often go back and forth depending on your mood. Sometimes you’re having a Lorelai day, but today you’re definitely feeling Lane. Watch out when you’re having a Paris day.

8. You know that coffee is best consumed in a vat or through an IV.

9. You want to walk down the aisle holding pot roast.

Gilmore Girls/Amazon
Gilmore Girls/Amazon

10. You’ve thought about visiting Washington Depot.

11. You know what Mrs. Kim’s voice actually sounds like.

12. You want to be best friends with Lauren Graham, who seems just as awesome as her character is in real life.

Gilmore Girls/Amazon
Gilmore Girls/Amazon

13. You can’t watch Alexis Bledel in Mad Men, because the idea of Rory dating Pete Campbell is too weird.

14. You’ve watched a movie just because a GG alum is in it. (Hello, The Answer Man!)

15. You know how old Keiko Agena really is. (Hint: It’s definitely not 16.)

Gilmore Girls/Amazon
Gilmore Girls/Amazon

16. You have thought about deviled egging a car, because it looks really fun.

17. You would totally watch The Power of Myth on Spring Break.

18. You know that not all babies are beautiful.

Gilmore Girls/Amazon
Gilmore Girls/Amazon

19. You have cast most of the people you know as Gilmore Girls characters in your head, and when I say “Kirk,” you can immediately think of someone who is totally a Kirk.

20. You classify your exes under the categories of “Jesses,” “Deans,” “Lukes,” “Christophers” and (ugh) “Logans.” Calling someone a Logan means you hate them and Luke is special. If you’ve never had a Luke, you’re still holding out for him.

21. You drink coffee like its your job, and if it actually is your job, I want that job.

Gilmore Girls/Amazon
Gilmore Girls/Amazon

22. You used to make your mother watch the show, either to bond with her or in the hopes that she could learn from Lorelai Gilmore — your one and only role model.

23. You’ve ever ditched hanging out with people to stay home and have a Gilmore marathon — even though you’ve already seen the episodes 10 times already.

24. You still tear up thinking about Lorelai’s proposal and feel a deep, personal hate for Christopher for briefly coming between them.

Gilmore Girls/Amazon
Gilmore Girls/Amazon

25. You’ve ever watched a Gilmore Girls fan video — or made a Gilmore Girls fan video. Bonus points if you’ve written Gilmore fan fic. (Guilty.)

26. You know that Sherilyn Fenn and Sean Gunn played more than one character and wonder what ever happened to poor Mick.

27. You want to put on your tombstone: “I’m going to the coat closet to make out. Don’t eat my chicken.”

Gilmore Girls/Amazon
Gilmore Girls/Amazon

28. You consider role playing to be when your partner wears flannel and a backward baseball cap.

29. You often use Lorelai Gilmore lines on dates when you can’t think of anything clever to impress your mates, and it always works. If they know where the quote is from, you know they’re the one.

30. During the theme song, you know which episodes all the different clips are from — and you can sing the theme song by heart.

Gilmore Girls/Amazon
Gilmore Girls/Amazon

31. You know that real fatherly love is Francis Ford Coppola defending casting Sofia in The Godfather Part III.

32. You can decipher the phrase “Sat and forever am at work here.”

33. You would consider naming a pet Paul Anka.

Gilmore Girls/Amazon
Gilmore Girls/Amazon

34. You have spent copious amounts of time trying to figure out Michel’s sexuality.

35. You know that a “leering monkey lamp” is perfectly appropriate living room decor.

36. You would buy a fuzzy alarm clock that purrs to wake you up.

Gilmore Girls/Amazon
Gilmore Girls/Amazon

37. You eat dessert sushi to cheer yourself up.

38. You have all the seasons on DVD. Bonus points if you have the complete box set. Super bonus points if you refuse to watch Season 7, because it’s just not the same.

39. Amy-Sherman Palladino is your god, and you’re still bummed that Bunheads was cancelled. It had potential, dammit!

Gilmore Girls/Amazon
Gilmore Girls/Amazon

40. You watch Parenthood, just because Lauren Graham is in it, your small way of keeping Gilmore Girls alive. (Also, that show is really fucking good.)

41. You hold out for a reunion, no matter how many times the cast tells you it won’t happen. It will happen one day, if you believe. TC mark

image – Gilmore Girls/Amazon

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