19 Reasons You Should Start Watching ‘Veep’ Right Now


Are you addicted to Veep yet? If not, you’re about to be. Here’s why.

1. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is better than she ever has been – and does the best deadpan on TV.

With 30 Rock no longer on the air, Alec Baldwin would be proud of her for continuing his fine legacy.


2. Veep helped Tony Hale finally get that long overdue award that the Emmys owed him after Arrested Development.

He’s not a Milford Man anymore.


3. The show is written and produced by Armando Iannucci, who directed In The Loop, the funniest movie of the past decade.

Veep is basically the same thing – but without all the British people.


4. My Girl grew up, and she turned out to be a skilled comedienne with crack comic timing.

Seriously though, Anna Chlumsky is a born straight woman. If this is reliving the 90s, I’m into it.


5. The show feels like the wry, bitter cousin to Parks and Recreation, another great comedy about women navigating the world of politics.

Veep even has its own Donna – the take-no-bullshit Sue, played by the effortless Sufe Bradshaw.


6. Like Parks, the shows both acknowledge their main character’s foibles and flaws while depicting two powerful women struggling to do their job the best way they know how.

Sometimes they’re damn good at it.


7. Veep has some of the most withering put downs and best barbs on TV.

The show is like a spiritual successor to Ricky Gervais’ version of The Office, which was a lot meaner than the American version. It also features the American remake’s Zach Woods.


8. In addition to the barrage of one-liners, it’s one of the foulest-mouthed comedies in some time, meaning that you’re getting what you pay for with that HBO subscription.

It’s more expletives for your buck.


9. The show will help you become “fluent in bastard.”

If you need to get out of course credit in college, fulfilling your language requirement is very helpful.


10. Happy Endings is over, and you need another comedy in your life.

Reid Scott can be your new James Wolk – and he’s just as yummy.


11. After playing Mr. Brady, Gary Cole’s career keeps getting weirder.

He’s never been more on his game than as the effortlessly Machiavellian Kent Davidson.


12. The show has been two seasons of surprisingly fresh Sarah Palin riffs, which never get old.

Incompetence has no expiration date.


13. Veep doesn’t take sides.

Although Selina Meyer is clearly inspired by Ms. Palin, the show stays politically neutral – unlike The West Wing, which wore its politics on its sleeve. Veep knows everyone is worth laughing at.


14. Having Matt Walsh on it both gets us an Upright Citizens Bridage alum and a little piece of the short-lived Party Down, one of the best comedies of the past decade.

Can we have the Party Down movie now?


15. At just over twenty-minutes an episode, it’s easy to binge watch a whole season in a single sitting.

And with such a short running time, the jokes fly by. As they say, brevity is the soul of wit.


16. Like Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s time-defying face, the show is only getting better with age.

The first season started off slow, but the show quickly found its groove as the cast came together, like all great comedies. Even Seinfeld’s first season was weak.


17. It’s a perfect companion for The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

If you love TV’s two greatest political commentators, you’ll love Veep. It’s also on the same network that gives you Real Time with Bill Maher and Girls – if you like that Lena Dunham sort of thing.


18. Great satires only come around once every few election cycles.

It’s a perfect way to keep the political junkie in you satisfied until the next campaign season.


19. If enough people start watching it and get buzz behind the show, Veep could beat Modern Family next year, the lovely comedy that needs to stop winning everything.

That’s change I believe in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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