13 Ways To Process Your Grief Over What Happened In Texas

If you don’t know already, this happened:

Screenshot/ABC News
Screenshot/ABC News

Hashtag bummed? Here’s some tips to help you get through, Mandy Moore-style. This is what happens now.

1. First, Question Everything.


Remember David After Dentist? This phase is kind of like that.

2. Start Spontaneously Crying.


If you have to be devastated about the state of our country, it’s best if you do it over a tub of ice cream though.

3. Binge watch Friday Night Lights.


Isn’t Texas so much better on television?

4. Mass Text All Your Friends With Hyperbolic Apocalyptic Messages.


If you need some suggestions, check out io9’s list of the best end-of-the-world signs. My suggestion is to keep it simple: “THE END IS EXTREMELY FUCKING NIGH.”

5. Shop for Apartments in Canada.


However, know that those Toronto prices are pretty steep and fleeing the country isn’t what it used to be. Stupid NSA and all.

6. Relax and Take a Deep Breath.


Have you ever watched those ASMR videos? Either you’ll pass out into a rage cat nap or get a headache and throw up, but at least you’ll have moved on to the next stage. Take those baby steps in any way you can.

7. Try To Google Rick Perry’s Address So You Can Go There And Burn His House Down.


Okay, so this is a step back, but I can’t say I blame you. Just don’t watch Michael Clayton or anything starring Liam Neeson right now. It will give you too many ideas.

8. Google “Wendy Davis Tattoo” Instead.


Just because Texas’ restrictive reproductive rights legislation passed doesn’t mean that we still shouldn’t still stand with Wendy. In my opinion, the best way to commemorate her world historical badassery is to ink her on your forearm for the rest of eternity. Wendy, my body is ready.

9. Use the Moment to Further Educate Yourself on the Implications of the Bill.


Stand with Texas women through education. Use that solidarity to get informed about what this means for women in the state and women nationally. How will Texas affect women in your area? What are the implications? Start asking questions.

10. Find Out How To Get Involved.


Visit the Planned Parenthood Website. If you’re a Windy City local, visit “Chicago Stands With Texas Women.” Ask your friends what they are doing and find out what’s happening. Hold others accountable to taking action with you.

11. Get Out There And Do Something!


Talk to your friends. Talk to strangers. Organize a protest. Volunteer for a women’s rights or reproductive justice organization in your city. Call your senator and see where they stand on the issues. Post on Facebook about it. No act is too small, so the only way to fail at this step is by being silent.

12. Join A Support Group.


These don’t exist for women’s reproductive rights supporters, but by god, there should be. As long as evolution allows Rick Perry to exist, there needs to be a space where I can deal with it.

13. Eat Some More Ice Cream.


Ben and Jerry might not have vaginas or understand what women are going through, but trust me, they are here for you. Today we are all Texan women. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – 30 Rock

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