This Fake Taylor Swift Tweet Is One Of The Greatest Fake Tweets Of All Time

Twitter/Taylor Swift
Twitter/Taylor Swift

It’s an internet hoax too good to be true — precisely because it’s totally, perfectly, wonderfully, beautifully fake. This week, a tweet from Taylor Swift to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian went viral, one in which T-Swizzle congratulated them on potentially birthing the anti-Christ. (Don’t say you weren’t warned.)

But don’t worry. Our girl Fake Taylor didn’t invoke the anti-Christ. She would never do that. She would just tell the spawn of Satan they’re never getting back together, like ever. Fake Taylor invoked the 2009 VMAs debacle that won’t end, where Kanye interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech to advocate for Beyonce’s ability to dance with doppelgangers.

This would hardly be news (because it’s been talked to death already) except that Kanye recently revoked his apology. Like you expected any more of the man who credits “God” as one of the producers and songwriters on his new album.

Fake Taylor retaliated by bringing Beyonce into the West-Kardashians birth, because real Taylor would never say that. She’s not that witty. However, whenever you are down, just remember that there’s an alternate universe where Taylor Swift is a fucking badass who takes shit from no one. In this one, no tweets were posted from her account on June 15. This tweet is a signal out from the brightest timeline — and whoever made it is a golden god and can be my time lord any day.

Between this and Feminist Taylor Swift, our fantasy T-Swizzle lives are having a great week. When you’re reposting this alternate universe tweet, just make sure to lean in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Twitter/TaylorSwift

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