Got three minutes and a taste for delicious kitsch? Check out Code E, who just released the video for “#BDS,” their first single. The acronym sounds like a bowel disorder, but it’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to the song’s subject: large penises. “#BDS” stands for “Big Dick Swagger,” and the song’s lyrics are a love letter to the lower parts of the male form, culminating in its chorus’ snappiest one-liner: “What’s your zipper code?” The song is catchier than herpes.

Although it seems like Code E is simply having what Ke$ha’s having, rapper/singer Cody Renee has more on her mind. Renee spends the song objectifying men in the same way we do women, something Renee is familiar with from her former career as a Playboy playmate. Cooked up by Renee and “her gay best friend” (Hipster Ryu, who is one of her producers), the song is heavily into swapping gender roles.

At its best, Code E is like a DIY Peaches, a genderfuck anthem for everyone. Leave the Kreayshawn at home.

Check out the video above. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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