LOL Of The Day: Topanga Plays Lindsay Lohan Playing Liz Taylor

Thought Catalog readers: welcome to your new favorite thing on the internet.


In a spoof tailor-made to trend on Twitter, The Soup invited on Mrs. Cory Matthews to lampoon the recent Lindsay Lohan disasterpiece, Liz and Dick, which premiered on Lifetime last week. For those who haven’t seen it, a) WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE and b) the film features a lot of over-the-top dramatics, helpless props being thrown around and LiLo looking less like Elizabeth Taylor than Very Mary Kate. The movie lit the blogosphere on fire with elated mockery and might have been the best so-bad-it’s-glorious creation since Lohan’s last beautiful Hindenburg of cinema, I Know Who Killed Me. If you haven’t seen them, I suspect you bust out your shot glasses and Whiskey and prepare for the greatest drinking games of your life.

But while you wait for Liz and Dick to show on Lifetime again (#soon), Fishel’s impersonation of “Lizdsay Taylorhan” is the next best thing, and actually a much better performance than LiLo’s. (That’s kind of a tallest Hobbit situation, though, as Lindsay should thank her lucky diamonds that the Razzies don’t give out awards for TV.) In the spoof, we see Fishel preparing for her role as Lizdsay and trying to get into character in her dressing room — by cackling, smashing bottles of booze and making out with a picture of Joel McHale. The clip is meta-deliciousness, as Fishel laments that she hosted The Dish on the Style Network for three years, but The Soup only wants her when she’s trending. “Why am I even playing Lindsay Lohan, anyway?” she asks. “Excuse me for being a well-adjusted child star!”

If this isn’t enough to make you excited about Girl Meets World, I don’t know what is. Enjoy, America. TC Mark

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