Why Leaving Your Hometown Will Be One Of The Best Decisions You Ever Make

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You grew up there. You know the streets like the back of your hand. The walk from your parents’ house to the corner store is more than just a distance to be covered; it’s a journey full of memories. On top of everything, it’s a great place to live. So why would you want to leave?

Your hometown is many things and you love all of them. It’s a place where you feel safe and spend time with loved ones. But that is exactly why you should leave. You are comfortable and in your element. Home is a place where you are rarely going to be required to make difficult decisions. Your hometown is often a place where you have explored the majority of what there is and met the people that there is to meet. If you are really trying to grow as a person, leaving is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

When I left to go to school, I was genuinely excited to be gone. I looked forward to the adventure of meeting new people and creating new memories. The town that I moved to was much more liberal than where I was from and really was a culture shock. At first I saw things that really bothered me, but then I learned to accept everyone for who they are. No matter how strange or quirky people are I have found that almost everyone presents a learning opportunity. I have found that the conservative definition of normal found in my hometown meant nothing at school.

What if you’re not excited to leave? Your hometown may be one of those places where you can already see yourself spending the rest of your life. To that I say, good for you. I believe that everyone has a right to stay in one place forever if that’s what they wish. However, staying at home isn’t going to allow you to grow into your full potential. Your parents raised you at home; they held your hand through the hard parts of life. Taking a chance on a different place will show you something about yourself whether you love it or find it to be the most uncomfortable place you have ever been.

My message is simple: the lessons you learn outside of your comfort zone are greater than the ones you will learn inside of it. So take a chance and leave your hometown, take a class on something you know nothing about, talk to new people, or take a different route to work. There’s a reason that well traveled people are the life of parties. You don’t have to be rich to visit different places, you just have to work hard and plan well. You can be a better person. TC Mark

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