9 More Obnoxiously Cute Modern Love Songs For You And Your Significant Other

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Since the last one went over so well.

Music has a great way of connecting our hearts and souls. It brings people together like nothing else can. With that said – here are some more obnoxiously cute modern love songs you and your significant other can listen to and look all doe-eyed at each other. Enjoy. Part 1 can be found here.

1) Blind Pilot – 3 Rounds and a Sound


Key Lyrics – “But you’re the best I’ve known / and you know me / I could not be stuck on you / If it weren’t true”

2) The Weepies – Be My Honeypie


Key Lyrics – “What good are the stars above / if you’re not in love?”

3) A Rocket to the Moon – Whole Lotta You


Key Lyrics – “Get me buzzed on your love / Let me steal a kiss – muah! / Bubblegum on your tongue / No I can’t resist / Gotta leave all your worries at the door / Cause’ life ain’t nothin but a big dance floor”

4) Joshua Radin – I’d Rather Be With You


Key Lyrics – “Now here’s the sun, come to dry the rain / Warm my shoulders and relieve my pain / You’re the one thing that I’m missing here / With you beside me I no longer fear”

5) Jason Reeves – Shine


Key Lyrics – “Oh me oh my / You caught my eye / It’s been a while / I like your smile”

6) Nevershoutnever – Happy


Key Lyrics – “I’m happy knowing that you are mine / The grass is greener on the other side / The more I think the more I wish that we could lay here for hours and just reminisce”

7) Bright Eyes – First Day of my Life


Key Lyrics – “And you said “this is the first day of my life / I’m glad I didn’t die before I met you / But now I don’t care I could go anywhere with you / And I’d probably be happy”

8) Matt Nathanson – Faster


Key Lyrics – “’Cause I jump back, crash, I crawl / I beg and steal, I follow you / yeah you own me / and you make my heart beat faster”

9) A Rocket to the Moon – I Do


Key Lyrics – “All I see is beautiful, when I look at you. / Yeah the longer that we’re together, / The good keeps on getting better, / I never thought that I would ever find someone like you.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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