Freedom Beyond

On a planet of ubiquitous deceit, the only reliable, evident observation we know as truth when we gaze upon the skies beyond this world for answers is the sun, moon, and stars. They cannot lie to us about that. And that is enough for me to know that their planetary lies here on this Earth cannot extend out on every other similar inhabitable, “intelligent” planet in the unfathomable Universe(s).

No Republican vs Democrat, or Black vs White, or God vs Satan. Dichotomized concepts such as these designed for control were manufactured here on this planet and that is where they will stay. Those who support them will “live” and “die” by the limitations of their contents. Even if similar concepts are perpetuated to control the masses on other planets, once you have ascended beyond these false dichotomies no matter your place in the Universe(s), you are truly free to roam the cosmos.

This is something your soul, your spirit knows to be true because it cannot be explained by any conventional texts fabricated by man that provide such limitations to which your soul, your spirit cannot validate because it lacks the necessary properties to substantiate physicality due to its diametric nature. And once this realization of FREEDOM is apparent, you have become a very dangerous and subversive individual to the systems of control and you can never be destroyed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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